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Chef Juan Ortega Biography


Chef Juan Ortega began cooking at home with the wisdom of mother and grandmothers. He always had that curiosity about the kitchen but in his own words “he never really saw it as a work”. In fact, Juan studied communication in college.


The big “jump” was made when Juan moved to Barcelona. He studied in Spain Gastronomy, Bakery and Creative cuisine. He worked in different restaurants and hotels, including the Restaurant LASARTE (3 Michelin Stars). He combined his knowledge and created Food stylish tv shows in Cataluña, Spain while owning a Mexican restaurant there.


Juan eventually returned to Mexico, where he later owned 2 more restaurants and a bakery company. He also wrote a book and became the Host Chef of a tv show in Mexico City. Last but not least, he was the private Chef of Laura Esquivel,( As “Water for Chocolate” , book) so he cook for different Mexican personalities and famous people. He has not been wasting time, you could see.


Juan eventually got tired from the big city life and moved to Sayulita in the summer of 2017. He owns a business in town named “Yacarne Vegetal” where he creates delicious traditional Mexican food on its vegan version, using jackfruit as a substitute of protein. You can find him every Friday at Mercado del Pueblo (farmer´s market).


Chef Juan Ortega, is also a business partner in “A Chef in Sayulita”.

Chef Juan Ortega​

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